A leading specialist in biddable advertising, Periscopix wanted to create new advertising opportunities for its clients. It hoped that by capitalizing on its core competencies in performance-driven marketing, it could expand its offerings to include large-scale display campaigns. To do so, the agency implemented a suite of DoubleClick solutions: Campaign Manager to traffic ads, Bid Manager to facilitate programmatic buying, Studio to upload rich media assets and Floodlight pixels to enable conversion tracking. The result? Over a 90-day period, Periscopix boosted its clients’ conversion rates by 509% and post-click conversion by 330%.

We’ve seen quite a few cases where direct conversions have either outperformed or mimicked search.

  • Create new advertising opportunities for clients
  • Apply existing core competencies in performance-driven marketing

  • Implemented DoubleClick Campaign Manager for trafficking
  • Embraced DoubleClick Bid Manager to optimize campaigns
  • Adopted DoubleClick Studio for rich media assets

  • Extended into display while remaining true to reputation for optimization, performance and transparency
  • Increased its managed quarterly spend by 165%
  • Grew clients' conversion by 509% and post-click conversions by 330% in a 90-day period
  • Upped traffic across all clients by 158%

As leading specialists in biddable advertising, Periscopix has carved a reputation for transparent, flexible service. Having started in 2004 with a focus on search marketing, the agency’s performance-oriented approach enabled a natural progression into the programmatic space. Periscopix adopted DoubleClick tools in early 2013 and is now using display to drive performance.

Growth opportunity

Periscopix has a long history with Google AdWords, which it uses for search and small direct-response display campaigns, and is an experienced user of the Google Display Network. "We chose to launch with DoubleClick first and foremost because of our relationship with Google," says Liz Rutgersson, the agency’s head of real-time bidding display. “We felt it was the right time to expand our offering. We hadn’t done large-scale display campaigns previously because of the lack of optimization opportunities in reservation display. But with the growth of real-time bidding and programmatic buying, we felt that this was suited to our core competencies in optimization and performance. With the integration between Google and DoubleClick, it made complete sense for us."

Periscopix implemented DoubleClick Campaign Manager for ad trafficking, DoubleClick Bid Manager to facilitate programmatic buying, DoubleClick Studio for uploading rich media assets and Floodlight pixels to enable conversion tracking. "The onboarding process was really smooth," Rutgersson reports. “We had a lot of support from the DoubleClick team, and I think it really helped that we had the background in search because DoubleClick Bid Manager’s interface is similar to that of AdWords. We had campaign management support for a really short period of time—about a month—and then felt comfortable quite quickly taking that over ourselves."


More is more

In this way, Periscopix has built a new arm to the business, efficiently expanding its offering while staying true to its reputation for transparency and performance. "To be able to offer both the pull mechanism of search marketing and the push mechanism of display makes us well-rounded while remaining specialists in performance paid media," Rutgersson says. “In PPC, we as an agency were leaders in transparency from the beginning and have always been able to prove the value of what we’re doing. Now we’re expanding that into display."

The move hasn’t just resulted in benefits for the agency, though—Periscopix contributes its opinions to DoubleClick, and these have already produced improvements to the tools. "We’ve been able to provide a lot of feedback, which is awesome because we’re using the platform in quite a unique way. It’s really useful that we’re able to give feedback directly to the product developers. The fact that we can already see that it’s been taken on board is amazing."

Onward and upward

Periscopix clients have reaped excellent results from the agency’s move into the display advertising space. For example, for one client the agency sculpted an extremely granular and targeted real-time bidding campaign that increased site traffic by 118% and conversions by a staggering 98%, completely surpassing the client’s traditional display buying results month on month. In the past 90 days alone, the conversion rate among Periscopix clients has leaped by 509%, and post-click conversions have grown 330%. Across all clients, there’s been a 158% increase in site traffic.

"We’ve seen quite a few cases where direct conversions have either outperformed or mimicked search," Rutgersson reveals. "For some clients who are either in really competitive search markets or don’t have a lot of volume in search due to the nature of their products, this has been a really good opportunity. Instead of jumping into traditional reservation display or TV or outdoor, it’s closer to search and fully accountable—so the money you’re spending can relate directly to performance."

Not surprisingly, all this client success has helped fuel the agency’s own growth, too. The display team has expanded from one team member to nine, while Periscopix has increased its managed quarterly spend by 165%. "Since launching our real-time bidding campaigns using DoubleClick, we’ve been achieving great success across all our clients, and we’ve done all of this using DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager," Rutgersson says.