Build your own 3D racetrack

To promote its newest car model, the pro_cee'd GT, Kia wanted to appeal to a digitally advanced audience. And what's the next best thing to giving these people a car? Giving them a virtual one. Kia created a gaming app that lets its users fully customize a virtual racetrack, and hopefully, get excited about the possibility of owning a real pro_cee'd.

The iOS- and Android-compatible app lets users build their own racetrack by moving their smartphone or tablet through the air. The axis sensor inside the device records the positioning data, which the app then uses to create an individual 3D track. HTML5 and YouTube create the visual experience. Once users create their personalized racetrack, they can play and share it via their device, the GT Ride website and Facebook.

Both ADC, a global organization celebrating creative communications, and Favourite Website Awards recognized the app on their sites. In France and Spain, the app also ranked in the top ten for overall apps in its first week.


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