Immersive video game promotion

Set in a realistic Chicago, Ubisoft’s new video game, Watch Dogs, puts players in the shoes of a brilliant hacker and former thug named Aiden Pearce, who breaks into the city's electrical grid to inflict his own brand of justice. To promote the game, Ubisoft created several multimedia units that were designed to engage players both online and offline before they even picked up their game controllers.

The YouTube Masthead unit was used in ten countries to announce the game’s release. It featured a trailer for the game and a pre-order button for purchase. Offline, at a PlayStation installation in Paris' Quatre-Temps mall, visitors could “hack” into the game with their phones by scanning a QR code on a standalone screen to win Ubisoft and PS4 prizes. Engagement ads on the Google Display Network also expanded the reach of the campaign across mobile and desktop devices, attracting even broader European audiences.

The game sold over 4 million copies in the first week after its launch, a sales record for Ubisoft.


Million impressions on the YouTube campaign


CTR on mobile advertising


Expansion rate on Google Engagement Ad