Memorable sports moments, remixed in real time

Google’s Art, Copy & Code project aims to reimagine the ways creativity and technology can work hand in hand to build brands. During live television events, fans turn to their laptops, phones and tablets to discuss and share key moments. This behavior creates a massive opportunity for brands to be hyper-relevant at that instant, when fans turn their attention away from the first screen and toward the second screen. In a new partnership with Nike, we set out to tap into this real-time energy of live sports, experimenting with Google’s ad technology to deliver more engaging experiences across the web, right when it matters most.

With the Phenomenal Shot campaign, Nike delivered real-time ads that invited fans to celebrate, remix and share memorable sports moments just seconds after they happened. Through a specially designed, real-time delivery tool, these ads appeared across the sites and apps in the Google Display Network in 15 countries. For example, when Brazil’s Neymar Jr. scored a goal in the Cameroon match on June 23rd, Nike ads featuring Neymar Jr. in his goal celebration pose ran within ten seconds.
On mobile phones and tablets, the campaign made particular use of the unique capabilities of mobile devices. Fans could span 360-degrees around a 3D version of Neymar Jr. by tilting and panning their phone. They used headlines, filters and stickers to create their own digital poster celebrating Neymar Jr.'s phenomenal moment. The entire WebGL experience happens within the mobile browser without the need to download or open an app.

Over the past three weeks, we’ve run eight ads celebrating real-time moments. Over two million fans from 200 different countries have engaged with the Phenomenal Shot experience, creating over 500k remixed moments to share with their friends.
Along the way, we’ve learned a few things:

While you can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen, you can identify possible scenarios. Start by creating a library of content based on these scenarios. You may not need all this content, but it allows you to be nimble in the moment.

Chances are things won’t always go exactly as planned. Before launch, create a framework for real-time decisions and approvals that includes all stakeholders, from creative, tech and production to media, legal and brand.

Mobile ads don't have to be a downsized version of your desktop creative. Modern browsers can deliver immersive mobile experiences that weren't possible two years ago, without downloading or opening an app.

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