Your movie, Godzilla’s set

When Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures wanted to generate buzz around the new Godzilla movie, they partnered with YouTube Space LA to tap into the creativity of the YouTube community. Twenty-eight channels were selected, and each was asked to shoot its take on Godzilla using actual sets from the movie. Legendary Pictures provided props, digital assets and costumes.

Creatives from the selected channels used Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Avid or iMovie to polish their finished products. The videos were promoted on Legendary’s YouTube channel and shared on Google+.

Twenty-eight creators were selected from the 64 who applied. The videos were shot over the course of about three weeks. In the end, 48 videos were uploaded. The playlist link, also used for all social campaigns, generated more than 10K clicks, and the videos garnered more than 8 million views.


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