Global allies solving online missions

The lifespan of a movie shown in theaters is fairly short. Once audience members leave, they rarely engage with that film again. LEGO¨ hoped to extend the interest in its LEGO¨ Movie by creating The Awesome Alliance with agency partner Konstellation. Members of the Alliance, also known as the Awesome Allies, are encouraged to create their own adventures while solving various missions based on the movie. Pictures of their creations can then be shared on social media. Who knew that building a pair of wings for a guinea pig could be so important?

Users sign up to join the Awesome Alliance on the LEGO® site. Once they’ve joined, they’ll be given their mission. Upon completion, they can upload photos from their smartphone to the site. They’re also encouraged to share their creations with a hashtag on Instagram or Facebook. For each social media site they use, 500 points are added to their awesomeness score. People can also vote on the entries via the LEGO® site. Entries that score the highest have the opportunity to win cool LEGO® products. The site’s design and video content came to life using HTML5, Django, CloudFront, VideoJS and AngularJS.

Positive responses have been posted across Instagram and Facebook. Families from all over the world have also submitted touching comments and handwritten letters to LEGO®.




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