Your world, underwater

If you don't think climate change affects you, think again. CarbonStory, an organization that aims to help people offset their carbon footprint, wanted to raise awareness about its cause by personalizing the devastating effects of rising sea levels. And what could be more personal than your home? CarbonStory teamed with BBDO Proximity to create, where visitors can type in their street address-or any location in the world-to see how rising sea levels would affect them. People can also take action on the site by calculating and offsetting their own carbon footprint.

The interactive web experience shows our world underwater by combining WebGL and Google Street View. These shocking images of underwater streetscapes can be shared with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

In the first week alone, the site reached 213 countries and achieved 201 million media impressions. In one month, the site had 823,781 unique visitors who spent an average of 1.6 minutes in the experience, generating 891,680 locations. The project was covered on CNN, Fox News, BBC, Huffington Post, Mashable and countless local news stations and websites around the world.


Million page views in one month


Visits in one month


Million in earned media in seven days