Fun, interactive geography trivia

You know that Liverpool is the birthplace of The Beatles (or do you?), but could you locate it on a map? To encourage more people to interact with Google Maps, we created Smarty Pins, a fun and interactive game that tests players’ trivia and geography knowledge. Players can choose from six different categories from arts and culture to sports to entertainment and answer questions by dragging the pin to the correct location on the map. Players begin with 1,000 miles, earning more for quick and/or correct answers while losing miles for inaccuracy. The game currently covers the U.S., U.K., Australian and Canadian geography.

Smarty Pins is built on the Google App Engine platform and draws on the existing Google Maps API. Using HTML5 to build the site—imagine a really fun version of Google Maps—the game tests users’ knowledge in a familiar environment.

Smarty Pins has been featured in over 100 publications.


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