Change is inevitable and comes in all forms, as we can see in this week’s YouTube Re:View. The Weekly Five begins with rapper Prince Ea lamenting how technology has changed the state of human behavior and interaction. Then ThePianoGuys treat us to 50 years’ worth of ever-changing Batman music (and Batmobiles). And to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nestlé wants to change the way women think about self-examination by encouraging them to check their breasts regularly. After all, strangers check them out all the time.
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The Weekly Five
Top trending videos from the past week
YouTube Ads Leaderboard For September
A monthly celebration of ads people chose to watch
Man's best friend is the star of our September Leaderboard, with ads from Budweiser, KLM and Freshpet all featuring adorable pups. But it's Samsung that tops the list; the company is back with two ads in the top 10. And we're reminded that the holidays are just around the corner (kind of) in the "Kmart Not a Christmas Commercial" spot.
YouTube Insight of the Week

Eighteen to 34-year-olds default to their smartphones to watch video.

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