Feeling depressed that summer's officially over? This week's YouTube Re:View will surely lighten your mood thanks to some hilarious parodies. First, check out "Baby Got Class," a back-to-school spoof of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back," where the star attractions are big buses and round backpacks. Then watch an epic reunion of the "Friends" cast on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," featuring Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. And don't miss some seriously adorable kids reenacting "House of Cards," "Downton Abbey" and other Emmy-nominated hits.
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Pick of the Week
Industry leaders share their favorite videos and creative inspirations.
This week's guest curator is Dustin Hinz, vice president, Brand Experience and Entertainment at Guitar Center.
Dustin recommends you watch "Wake Me Up by Madilyn Bailey."
In his own words: I first met Madilyn in 2011 when Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks chose her as a finalist in our national songwriting program. At the time, she had a handful of songs on YouTube, and just a handful of views. Fast-forward to 2014. Madilyn kept writing songs and started producing some very compelling and unique covers for breakthrough artists such as Lorde, Maroon 5 and others … and wouldn't you know it, she caught fire.

Madilyn's YouTube channel now boasts 1.5M subscribers and nearly 220M views. She didn't stop with songs; she evolved her brand and audience through smart collaborations. In an incredibly uncertain music business, the dream of multi-platinum records and million-dollar record deals has been replaced by hitting a million subscribers on YouTube. Madilyn took her career into her own hands and ended up winning big.

Brand Spotlight
This week's featured brand is Guitar Center.

About the channel: The equation is simple: If there are no musicians, there's no Guitar Center. That's why the company started working with major artists like Questlove, Metallica's James Hetfield and producer/DJ Steve Aoki to inspire the next generation of musicians as part of its "All We Sell is the Greatest Feeling on Earth" campaign. Knowing that millennials and music fans overwhelmingly turn to YouTube to feed their passions, Guitar Center ramped up its YouTube channel with segments from its award-winning TV series "Guitar Center Sessions," and launched an exclusive web series, "At Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt."

Though conventional wisdom says consumers don't go to YouTube for longer content, Guitar Center actually saw a 25% increase in overall watch time after it started uploading longer clips, reinforcing the notion that if you create engaging, meaningful stories, people will watch—regardless of platform and length. And they might just get a little musical inspiration along the way!

To see Guitar Center's strategy in action, check out the video above and visit its channel.

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