School is officially back in session, and YouTube Re:View is here with a few lessons of its own. This week, your favorite YouTube creators take on new challenges and attempt to teach new skills (or just plain embarrass themselves) in the School of YouTube. It's all to benefit children in impoverished areas who lack access to quality education. If their videos help you learn a little, or make you laugh a little, consider giving a little to help those less fortunate (#LaughLearnGive). Then pick up a few smartphone photography hacks and get schooled in the science behind that cup of joe in the Weekly Five.
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School of YouTube: Laugh. Learn. Give.

This week, you'll have a front-row seat to a great show. In partnership with U.K. charity Comic Relief, YouTube is leveraging the enormous social capital of some of it's top creators to spread the word about a hilarious new campaign that might just do some good. Our week-long School of YouTube features a range of weird and wonderful lessons taught by your favorite YouTube stars. If you like what you watch, we encourage you to donate money to support education in developing countries.

Get started with the video above, then head over to the YouTube Spotlight channel for today's lesson.

The Weekly Five
Top trending videos from the past week
YouTube Ads Leaderboard For August
A monthly celebration of ads people chose to watch
Are you ready for some football? We are, and so are the fans who landed two "football"-themed ads on the August Leaderboard. "Madden Season" took the top spot, with more than 8 million views, and NBC Sports' "The Return of Coach Lasso" (with Jason Sudeikis) brought back our favorite American football coach turned soccer aficionado to take the fifth spot. Also making the list were YouTube creators hoiitsroi and TheFineBros, who tapped into their massive fanbases on behalf of Clearasil and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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