Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! This week’s YouTube Re:View pits competitive eating champion Kobayashi against the adorable Tiny Hampster in a voracious hot dog eating contest. Elsewhere in the Weekly Five, the spirit of competition is alive and well. Watch a group of adults go up against fifth-grade math and follow one ambitious man as he tries to outrun London Underground's Circle Line. And finally, check out Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston's one-man dramatization of the entire MLB post-season. In this show, even when he loses, he wins (and so do we).
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The Weekly Five
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Content Spotlight
This week's featured content is by S.o R.a.d.
Every year, department stores fight hard for back-to-school fashion dollars. This week, Kohl's, in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation–owned AwesomenessTV, looks to one-up the competition with the launch of the "Life's S.o R.a.d." scripted series and the related S.o R.a.d. clothing line.

Slated for four YouTube seasons, the new series aims squarely at junior girls by featuring two established YouTube stars: 15-year-old Amanda Steele and 17-year-old Lia Marie Johnson. The show chronicles the girls' fictional involvement in creating the S.o. R.a.d. fashion line while engaging fans across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and beyond. It's a savvy move by both brands to widen their appeal, and with AwesomenessTV's 1.8M subscribers and 438M views, Kohl's couldn't have chosen a better partner.

Be sure to check out episode one below.

YouTube Insight of the Week

Watch how Unilever's "Project Sunlight," with its 77M+ YouTube views, motivated people to live more sustainably.

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